HP Ingredients’ motto is: where science never sleeps.

We continue to invest in in vitro, animal and human clinical trials to portray the safety, mechanisms of action and efficacy for our signature proprietary branded herbal extracts:  LJ100® Tongkat Ali, ParActin® Andrographis paniculata, Bergamonte® bergamot extract, Maqui Care® maqui berry extract and more.


HP Ingredients has been very busy:

  • A new study (Ciampi et al, BMC Neurology 2020 20:173) of 44 individuals with progressive MS concluded that ParActin A. paniculata was “well tolerated and showed a potential effect in reducing brain atrophy and disability progression.”
  • In addition, ParActin was shown in this study to help reduce poor balance, increase ability to climb stairs, as well as to improve endurance/lessen weakness, as well as helps support healthy muscle integrity. Finally, the study shows support of healthy serotonin levels.
  • Also in 2020, we proudly became a certified Woman-Owned Company.
  • We recently launched an extensive line of organic botanical extract ingredients, called Care featuring berry extracts, Ayurvedic botanical extracts, food extracts and spice extracts.  These can be blended with our organic signature ingredients for proprietary formulas.
  • We launched a private label program where HP Ingredients’ helps small brands to enjoy quality presence in the market with our signature products – LJ100®, Bergamonte®, ParActin® and MaquiCare® — at a minimum of 50 bottles.


By buying into HPI’s private label program, retailers will directly support Vitamin Angels, a charity sponsored by HPI. The One Child plan includes the retailer’s donation toward one child’s vitamins for a year. The Four Children plan includes the contribution toward four children’s vitamins for a year. This generates powerful good will in their communities.

We are planning events and more to celebrate our 20th anniversary of our founding by Annie Eng next year.




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