Blood tests are magical illustrations of health and potential disease. For example, there is an interesting new study showing how a standard, typical blood test may predict imminent risk of an adverse cardiovascular event (ACE). According to the study, performed at Uppsala University, researchers identified 91 molecules associated with the risk of ACE.


The team investigated data from 2,018 volunteers with no history of cardiovascular events culled from six cohorts. Within six months after the first blood test, 420 experienced a first myocardial infarction. This group served as the basis for the team to seek commonalities and they found 48 proteins, 43 metabolites, and systolic blood pressure were associated with increased risk of an imminent first myocardial infarction. (Link to study).


This is exciting for the industry because knowledge is power and motivation for consumers to adjust their lifestyles and supplementation to take care of their cardiovascular health.


For heart-healthy products, HP Ingredients provides supplement and functional beverage brands with Bergamonte®, a unique extract of Citrus bergamia Risso, a citrus that thrives in Italy’s Southern Calabrian coast. Bergamonte® is a patented standardized extract that stands out with a unique profile of flavonoids — neoeriocitrin, neohesperidin, naringin, brutelidin and melitidin.


Regarding Bergamonte®, our 2022 study published in Nutrients showed superior cholesterol impact benefits when compared to red yeast rice (RYR). Bergamot research expert Rocco Mollace, MD, who led the study, asserted, “While BPF and RYR both beneficially impact serum cholesterol, BPF produces additional effects on triglycerides and HDL cholesterol compared to RYR at the doses used throughout the study. These additional effects of BPF appear to be related to the reduction of PCSK9 expression and to the antioxidant properties of this extract compared to RYR, thereby suggesting a more complete protection from cardiometabolic risk.”


Bergamonte® is perfectly positioned for younger health-conscious adults as it addresses the full cardio-metabolic profile of factors. From our viewpoint, younger consumers are moving towards solutions that do not address isolated health concerns, such as solely cholesterol profile support.



You can make the following claims with your Bergamonte® product:


  • Supports a healthy cardiometabolic profile*
  • Helps support healthy cardiovascular function*
  • Supports a healthy cholesterol profile*
  • Helps support healthy cholesterol levels*
  • Encourages healthy weight management*
  • Helps support healthy blood glucose levels*
  • Helps support healthy liver function*
  • Enhances nitric oxide*
  • Provides antioxidants*


Bergamonte® is water soluble and easily masked and is available in capsules, tablets, soft-gel, instant powder drink, gummy, and chocolate. In addition, HPI offers Infused Bergamot dehydrated fruit tea, that can be steeped in hot water.


*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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