HP Ingredients was founded in 2001 by Annie Eng, who is a pioneer in the botanical ingredient supply chain.


Did you know that HP stands for Herbal Powers? While growing up in Malaysia, Annie knew that herbs were very powerful for human health and wellness. So she formulated her company and today we are thriving.


We are enjoying longevity because of Annie’s vision and commitment to research first and foremost. She has forged lasting relationships with researchers worldwide who are interested in exploring the phyto-physiological properties of herbs.


Please look at the names of some of our published papers for an idea as to the depth and reach of our research on two of our most popular ingredients — Bergamonte® and ParActin®.



“Bergamot polyphenolic fraction enhances rosuvastatin-induced effect on LDL cholesterol, LOX-1 expression and Protein Kinase B phosphorylation in patients with hyperlipidemia” International Journal of Cardiology 2013


“Efficacy of Bergamot: From anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidative mechanisms to clinical applications as preventive agent for cardiovascular morbidity, skin diseases, and mood alterations” Food Sciences & Nutrition 2018


“The Effect of Bergamot-Derived Polyphenolic Fraction on LDL Small Dense Particles and Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease in Patients with Metabolic Syndrome” Advances in Biological Chemistry Jan 2014


“Atherogenic Index Reduction and Weight Loss in Metabolic Syndrome Patients Treated with A Novel Pectin-Enriched Formulation of Bergamot Polyphenols”

Nutrients 2019


“Synergistic in vitro antioxidant activity and observational clinical trial of F105, a phytochemical formulation including Citrus bergamia, in subjects with moderate cardiometabolic risk factors” Canadian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology  2016


“Bergamot Polyphenolic Fraction Supplementation Improves Cognitive Functioning in Schizophrenia.  Data From an 8-Week, Open-Label Pilot Study”

Journal of Clinical Psychopharmacology 2017


“The Hepatic Effects of Citrus Bergamot Polyphenol Fraction (BPF) on Patients with Non-alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease and Metabolic Syndrome” Journal of Clinical Lipidology 2015


“Citrus Bergamot Improves Atherogenic Lipoprotein Particle Characteristics in Patients With Non-alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease and Metabolic Syndrome”

Journal of Clinical Lipidology 2015



“Prevention of common colds with Andrographis paniculata dried extract: A pilot double-blind trial.” Phytomedicine, 1997


Composition of Labdane Diterpenes Extracted from Andrographis paniculata, useful for the treatment of autoimmune diseases, and Alzheimer Disease by activation for PPR-Gamma Receptors.” US Patent #8,084,495 B2, December 27, 2011.


“Efficacy of an Andrographis paniculata composition for the relief of rheumatoid arthritis symptoms: a prospective randomized placebo-controlled trial.” Clinical Rheumatology 2009


“Andrographolide a New Potential Drug for the Long-Term Treatment of Rheumatoid Arthritis Disease” Innovative Rheumatology 2013


“Andrographis paniculata decreases fatigue in patients with relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis: a 12-month double-blind placebo-controlled pilot study” BMC Neurology 2016


“Efficacy of andrographolide in not active progressive multiple sclerosis: a prospective exploratory double-blind, parallel-group, randomized, placebo-controlled trialBMC Neurology 2020


As you can see natural ingredients of botanical origin are considered compelling to explore in various situations and outcome measurements. These studies represent the respect the research community has for herbal use.

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